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I'm an Indianapolis-based web developer doing my part in helping keep the Internet beautiful

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I’m just a local web geek who’s passionate about pixel-perfect designs, cutting-edge trends and flashy widgets. I strive for excellence in every website I do, whether it’s a simple WordPress site, or custom content management system.

Having been in the industry for over 10 years, I’d like to think I know a thing or two about the Internet. I’m usually wrong, as I’m always learning something new, fun or exciting and always enjoy adding new features to sites.

I try to find the blend of sleek designs and compliment them with light CMS systems that are easy to set up and maintain. I’m always doing something new and am constantly learning. I’ve begun a new aspect, involving implementing best search engine optimization practices.


  Web Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript. These are just a few of the languages I use to build highly-customized, advanced websites for the modern web. Websites are backwards compatible to two latest versions of Internet Explorer and will work on any platform.

  Responsive Design

By taking a mobile-first approach to building websites, all websites I build are guaranteed to scale on any device. Responsive websites are ranked higher with top search engines and provide a higher level of engagement.

  Version Control

All of my code is kept in the cloud. This means easy backups and restore points in the event of an outage. All code is logged, each change is carefully documented, providing an extensive outline of your website.

  Custom CMS Development

WordPress, ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS. All of these are brilliant content management systems, enabling you to manage your website with ease. Pick a platform and I can work build you a highly-customized, lightweight website that loads quickly and scales easily.

Using PHP to Determine Server Protocol

For various projects I build, I always have three environments: local, staging and production. On my staging and production environments, I have HTTPS enabled, but to keep things simple, I never set up HTTPS on my local environment. A lot of sites I build require forms that redirect the user to a thank you page, […]

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